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Need an US IP address? We’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Be closer to your target audience...

Acquire more customers...

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Let us explain the benefits of our service.


How it works

Our solution creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our servers to let you conduct your online activities with high level of security.

Cutting costs

Our data compression technology compresses the web content that passes through our secure servers so that you can get twice as much content for the same bandwidth cost.



Whenever you connect to the Internet through, your data, including passwords, financial transactions and instant messages, is secured and encrypted.

Other benefits

You may create divisions of your company virtually located in USA (such as Support Centers) to be closer to your customers.

Pricing Models

For us, ‘best-in-class’ also means transparency with regard to services and pricing. This ensures that you will choose most suitable pricing model.




Our Team

We are a small but passionate team that believes the internet industry is more alive than ever. We’re young and ambitious. We’re performing the best of our abilities. We learn from each other and grow together.

John Corboy

John Corboy

Chief Network Engineer

  • Management 80%
  • Marketing 85%
  • IT Development 55%
Catherine Jonas

Catherine Jonas

Advertising Specialist

  • Marketing 85%
  • PR Management 80%
  • Online Advertising 95%
David Pretto

David Pretto

Support Specialist

  • Network Diagnosis 95%
  • Network Engineering 90%
  • Support Comm. 80%
Lang Adams

Lang Adams

Web Developer

  • Web Design 92%
  • C++ Programming 87%
  • Network Engineering 81%
Maria Rosales

Maria Rosales

Office Assistant

  • Doc. Skills 65%
  • Scheduling 72%
  • Spl. Management 88%
Sean Williamson

Sean Williamson

Network Engineer

  • Network Management 92%
  • Network Engineering 88%
  • Network Troubleshooting 75%

Customer Support

North & South America

655 Montgomery Street, Suite 747,

San Francisco, CA 94111,

United States

+1 415 871 0881

email: [email protected]

Customer Support

Europe & Asia

6, Virginias str, H.26

4532 Limassol,

Cyprus, EU

+357 99 89 4 172

email: [email protected]

Customer Support

Australia & New Zealand

AMP Tower, Level 39, Suite 3956,

Bridge Street, Sydney

NSW 2000, Australia

+1 415 871 0881

email: [email protected]


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